Registered Nurse (RN)

Company Name:
Atrium Centers
Atrium Centers is a leading provider of short-term post-acute rehabilitation and
long-term nursing care. We currently operate 44 skilled nursing centers in
Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Wisconsin with nearly 4,000 beds.
Our reputation is defined by our employees, the caring and skilled staff
members who are the foundation of our award-winning communities.
We are committed to treating each individual with respect and dignity in a
homelike environment. Our professional and caring staff provides exceptional
services tailored to the individual needs of residents and meeting the highest
industry standards.
Responsible for the independent supervision of the delivery of care to a group of residents on a nursing unit with guidance from the Director of Nursing Services. Assess resident needs, provides nursing care, evaluates nursing care, administers medications and completes treatments. Directly supervises the nursing assistants in the delivery of nursing care. Interviews, counsels and evaluates the performance of nursing assistants.
A.Supervisory Functions Duties: oSupervise and assist nursing assistants. oAssist with setting goals for nursing assistants. oAccountable for the delivery of care and outcomes through training and supervision of the nursing assistants. oParticipate in the interviewing and hiring of nursing assistants. oExercise independent judgment in evaluating the performance of nursing assistants. oExercise independent discretion in counseling or participating in the counseling of nursing assistants. oAssign nursing assistants specific duties for the provision of resident care. oAssign breaks and meal periods to nursing assistants. oEnsure proper staffing by calling in replacement employees for licensed and/or state-tested personnel who will not be reporting for work. oTransfer or reassign nursing assistants for proper coverage to meet the needs of the residents. oRevise work schedules of the nursing assistants as necessary to meet the needs of the residents. oAuthorizes overtime as needed. oIssues verbal and written disciplinary action to employees, as needed, enforcing personnel policies. Suspends and discharges employees from work as necessary. Grants or denies requests to leave work early. oInitial time cards or other payroll records showing deviations in time keeping entries. oIn the absence of the Director of Nursing or the Assistant Director of Nursing, is House Supervisor. oAssist in the orientation of new nursing department employees. oTrain and educate nursing assistants in areas of skills competencies, as necessary. oDevelop effective resident care teams to enhance the delivery of services to the residents. oMake walking rounds of the nursing units to assess, review, and ensure the quality of care being delivered to the residents by the nursing assistants. oAttend and participate in management meetings. oSupport and follow through with management team goals. oAssume responsibility and accountability for the operation of the assigned nursing unit. oAssume responsibility and accountability for directly managing and monitoring the care and services provided by the nursing assistants. oUtilize time efficiently to assure completion of duties and responsibilities in allotted time frame. oAssist other RN/LPN Supervisors as necessary. oPerform other management duties as assigned.
B. Resident Assessment Functions Duties: oAdhere to state rules and regulations concerning delivery of care to the residents. oAssure that effective quality nursing care is delivered which is outcome-focused through the utilization of the nursing process. oEffectively interview the resident/responsible party to obtain information required for developing and implementing a plan of care oPerform physical assessment through observation, inspection, palpation, percussion and auscultation. oRespond to concerns raised by the nursing assistants related to the physical and mental condition of the residents. oAssess residents experiencing a change in condition, reporting the same to the resident's attending physician in accordance with the exercise of professional judgment. oIdentify needs and provide input for discharge planning. oContinually assess goals and discharge plans throughout resident's length of stay. oCommunicate medical information to the resident's attending physician in a timely manner and in accordance with the exercise of professional judgment. oReview 24-hour reports to fully comprehend the current mental and physical status of the resident. oAccurately and thoroughly document the services provided to the resident throughout the course of the shift and/or the time frame warranted by the nature of the progress note or summary. oAssist in achieving compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. oAssist in correcting areas of non-compliance identified from federal, state, and mock surveys. oParticipate in ensuring a safe environment for residents, staff, and families. oMeet regularly with Director of Nursing, Assistant Director of Nursing, and other nursing supervisors and management. oUtilize professional and sound judgment in delivery of care that is cost efficient, but does not jeopardize safe, effective care delivery. oMonitor meal service and delivery to ensure that residents are receiving adequate nutrition. oAssist resident to the dining room as needed. oAssist staff in the completion of primary nursing duties, as necessary. oEvaluate the effectiveness of the resident care team in relation to resident outcomes, adjusting the team members and/or team assignments as necessary. oCritique and take responsibility for evaluating nursing care delivered. oAssist other RN/LPN Supervisors with resident assessment as necessary.
C.Plan of Care Functions Duties: oAttend plan of care meetings for residents on the Supervisor's assignment. oImplement teaching with resident/responsible party, consistent with Interdisciplinary Plan of Care. oImplement Plan of Care consistently, effectively and cost efficiently with focus on resident centered outcomes. oEnsure that all nursing services personnel are aware of the care plan and that care plans are used in providing daily nursing services to the resident. oUtilize all appropriate and available resources to attain the goals established in the plan of care and discharge plan. oKeep physician informed of resident's condition and notify physician immediately of significant changes. oEvaluate effectiveness of the plan of care and make changes upon recognition of need. oUtilize the expertise of nurse colleagues to evaluate plan of care. oElicit feedback from resident and/or family member to determine whether needs are being met.
D.Resident Care Delivery Functions Duties: oDeliver and maintain optimum resident care and comfort by demonstrating knowledge and skills consistent with contemporary nursing practices. oTranscribe physician orders appropriately and accurately. oAsk for clarification of questionable orders from the ordering physician. oPerform only those activities that are within the scope of acceptable nursing practices. oNotify physician and Director of Nursing or Assistant Director of Nursing if orders are not carried out. oDocument all unusual incidents appropriately. oAdminister medications in a timely fashion and in accordance with physician orders and acceptable nursing standards. oComplete treatments in a timely fashion and in accordance with physician orders and acceptable nursing standards. oStart and/or pull IV lines as directed by the physician, in accordance with the limitations described in the Nurse Practice Act. oAdminister IV medications as per physician order, in accordance with the limitations described in the Nurse Practice Act. oFollow company, facility, and departmental policies and procedures, and appropriately utilize professional nursing judgment. oEnsure accurate documentation of all medical records and reports. oDemonstrate safe practice with respect to the resident's comfort and safety by applying knowledge of proper body alignment, practicing and promoting adherence to safety codes, and appropriately utilizing side rails and restraints. oThoroughly investigate all resident related incidents, immediately implementing measures to prevent recurrence. oEnsure that resident care and services are being provided in a manner that adequately reflects the philosophy of the company.
E.Pharmacological Functions Duties: oMaintain a current knowledge base in pharmacology. oDemonstrate knowledge of policies governing medication administration and documentation. oDemonstrate knowledge of drug reactions and sensitivities and nursing interventions. oAssure that narcotics are accounted for properly. oReport immediately all discrepancies in the narcotic count, in accordance with facility policy and procedure. oApply adult learning principles in educating resident and/or family regarding the resident's medication regime. oRecognize normal and abnormal lab values and communicate the same to the attending physician, dietician, pharmacologist, respiratory therapist and/or other treatment team members as appropriate.
F.Residents' Rights Functions Duties: oMaintain resident confidentiality both directly and through emphasis of confidentiality obligations to the nursing assistants. oTreat residents with kindness, dignity, and respect. oKnow, comply with, and ensure that all nursing assistants know and comply with the Resident's Bill of Rights. oMonitor nursing services to ensure that the resident's needs and rights are met. oPromptly review all resident complaints and grievances, report them to the Director of Nursing Services or the Assistant Director of Nursing Services. oPromptly act to resolve resident and/or family complaints and grievances. oReport immediately all violations of Resident's Rights. oMaintain strong ethical code regarding Resident's Rights.
G.Infection Control Duties: oDemonstrate working knowledge of infection control. oUse proper hand washing technique. oDispose of soiled or infectious materials in an appropriate manner. oProvide necessary specialized nursing services to residents in isolation. oMaintain a clean work area.
H.Marketing Functions Duties: oWelcome new residents and their families, new employees, and guests. oTour potential residents and/or their families through the building in the absence of the Marketing Director. oPromote the services offered by the facility to residents, residents' families, staff, and members of the community.
I.HIPAA Compliance Functions Duties: oMaintain the confidentiality and security of all PHI, (Personal Healthcare Information) as defined by HIPAA, (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), unless the resident or employee consents and authorizes the use or disclosure of personal healthcare information or that which is permitted by the HIPAA Privacy Standard. This includes healthcare information, oral or written, which is individual identifiable information relating to a resident's or employee's health and healthcare needs or payment for healthcare. oFollow Atrium Centers, LLC's policies and procedures designed to comply with these standards.
OTHER JOB FUNCTIONS Quality Improvement Functions Duties: oParticipate in Quality Improvement and Corporate Compliance Programs, as assigned. oIdentify practices that could be improved to enhance service delivery. oEnsure that quality improvement measures are continually maintained. oMaintain open rapport with all staff and departments to ensure that a team effort is achieved in providing superior services in the facility. oUnderstand and abide by the Corporate Standards of Conduct policies.
Functions Duties: oAttend and participate in various committees and meetings of the facility. oParticipate in the Corporate Compliance program, as assigned, and abide by the Corporate Standards of Conduct policies.
C.Safety and Sanitation Function Duties: oEnsure that personnel understand and follow departmental policies and procedures, universal precautions, established safety rules, and fire and disaster procedures. oReport immediately hazardous or unsafe conditions. oEnsure cleanliness of Nursing Services work areas, stations, preparation rooms, treatment areas, and resident rooms. oEnsure that nursing supplies and equipment are used in an appropriate and safe manner and in a fashion that comports with the product's intended use. oEnsure the safety and security of nursing supplies and equipment.
D.Staff Development and Functions Duties: oAttend and participate in orientation, training, in-service educational activities, and staff meetings for general staff, nursing staff, and management staff. oAttend and participate in all mandatory in-services. oAttend and participate in orientation, educational programs, and meetings for residents and/or their families. oRecognize self-evaluation and self-development as an important tool in maintaining high standards of care and professionalism. oSeek and provide peer review and consultation. oAttend continuing education programs.
E.All Other Duties As Assigned PHYSICAL AND SENSORY REQUIREMENTS (WITH OR WITHOUT THE AID OF MECHANICAL DEVICES Ability to read and write in English. Ability to communicate with residents, families, nursing personnel, other personnel and support agencies. Ability to remain calm under stress. Ability to think clearly and make decision. Ability to manage multiple priorities simultaneously. Ability to investigate and analyze a situation fairly and objectively. Ability to maintain confidentiality of sensitive information. Walking, reaching, and bending. Grasping, pushing, pulling, and lifting a minimum of 50 pounds. Fine hand-motor coordination. Ability to distinguish smells, taste, and temperatures. Ability to hear and respond to intercom and telephone pages. Ability to visualize and differentiate between colorings and markings on the skin and other parts of the body. Ability to identify potentially hazardous conditions by sight. Ability to understand and instruct personnel in areas of training and education.
Must hold a current license to practice as a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse in the practicing state.
oMust have proof of continuing education units and current CPR certification.
oGood working knowledge of State rules and regulations.
oIV Certification preferred.
oCPR certified.
oMust have completed the requirements necessary to administer medications in the practicing state.
oOngoing pursuit of continuing education credits in clinical subjects, management, personal growth and development.
oProven ability to communicate effectively with staff, residents, and guests.
oMust be capable of maintaining regular attendance.
oMust meet all federal, state and local health regulations, pass post-offer drug test, pass post-offer background checks, and pass post-employment physical exam.
oMust be capable of performing the essential job functions of this job, with or without reasonable accommodation.
Facility Name
Plainwell Pines Nursing and Rehabilitation Community
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