Meat/Seafood Team Leader 1195 M-89 Plainwell MI

Currently, Meijer is looking for a Meat/Seafood Team Leader. Plans, directs and supervises team members in the day to day operations of the meat/seafood department operations. Delivers exceptional customer service by managing operations and staffing. Manages meat/seafood department operations, suggests changes to inventory and pricing and purchases when needed. Monitors quality meat/seafood product. Is responsible for the department staff training, assignments and scheduling.
Key responsibilities include:
Responsible for scheduling, staffing selection, and hiring to achieve staffing needs
Promotes succession planning by providing career paths, identifying development needs for team members, and being involved with and accountable for promotion decisions
Documents and applies disciplinary actions and makes recommendations concerning discharge
Makes sure the customers are being taken care of and the meat conditions look great at all times.
Ensures the cleanliness of the meat/seafood department
Manages the inventory and pricing of meat/seafood products to achieve required margin and labor targets
Responsible for the profit and loss of the meat/seafood department
Provides consistent and great quality products and services
Ensures fresh and appealing displays and products by checking codes, rotating products, and removing out of date products
Ensures shrink goals are met
Maintains correct meat signage and pricing
Packages, weigh and price all merchandise
Ensures that all shelves and displays are properly stocked and front facing
Maintains back stock in good order
Follows and ensures team members comply with all applicable health and sanitization procedures
Adheres to safe work practices
Operates and sanitizes all meat and seafood equipment in a safe and proper manner
Answers department telephone calls and pages quickly with excellent telephone etiquette
Ensures all team members are appropriately trained and adheres to safe work practices
Collaborates with the Retail Specialist to ensure meat/seafood programs exceed customer expectations
Proper usage of the production planner and fresh dashboard
Requires high school diploma or its equivalent
4 years of related experience in the field
Demonstrated leadership ability
Demonstrated ability to butcher meat and knows what good cuts look like
Demonstrated knowledge of basic meat cooking procedures
Demonstrated ability to properly handle knives and other cutting equipment
Demonstrated ability to prioritize time and manage the time for others
Demonstrated ability to visually examine products for quality and freshness
Demonstrated ability to answer customer questions in a clear and service oriented manner
Demonstrated ability to conduct suggestive selling
Demonstrated ability to work safely
Successful completion of all required certifications
ServSafe Certification

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